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Rupert Community Public Library
An Historical Outline

October 1, 1977  Rupert Community Public Library dedicated as an "Outpost Library".  It had only one of its two current wings at that time.

October 12, 1977  The library was open 30 hours per week with Marjorie Osborne as "librarian".  The community had provided the site and foundation andt he WVLC provided the building.  The WVLC was to provide the librarian's salary and books, while the community was to provide maintenance and utilities.

1977-78 there was a seven member "library committee" under the direction of the Greenbrier County Public Library.  Their members included:  Betty Crookshanks, Tina Mullins, Jeanne Brenneman, Hansel Poling, Glenda Killen, Beulah Price, Bruce Brenneman.

July 1978  The board reorganized to be independent of Greenbrier County Public Library, with a five member board:  Betty Crookshanks, Tina Mullins, Hansel Poling, Beulah Price, Bruce Brenneman.

The Town of Rupert became our appointing authority.  The 78-79 budget was $6,600.

July 1981  Hansel Poling and Beulah Price left the board and were replaced by Gail Ratliff and Kathy Adkins Mankins.

July 1983 Kathy Mankins left the board, replaced by Rita Bostic.

1978 Rupert Library had a collection of 4827 volumes and a circulation of 14,645.  By 1984, the library had a collection of 8426 volumes and a circulation of 21,146.

December of 1984 Rupert Library requested an additional wing.  The addition would be approved in August of 1986 and the unit came from the Ronceverte library, which would receive a new facility in its place.

April 1987  Work on the new addition was completed.  The state paid $3868 and the Rupert Library paid $1000.

May 1992, Rita Bostic left the board and was replaced by Betty McClung.

May 1, 1994  Marjorie Osborne retires as librarian after 17 yeras of service and is replaced by Jaquelyn Wheeler Hopkins on April 25.

October 1994 Tina Mullins resigns from the board and is replaced by Rondie Butler.

November 16, 1995 Jaquelyn Wheeler Hopkins resigns as librarian and is replaced by Cherie L. Davis on December 19, 1995.

1999 Novella Perkins joins the staff as a Green Thumb worker.

May 2000, Novella Perkins is hired as a library employee.

July 2, 2000  Contract entered with Greenbrier County Public Library for them to be our regional library.

October 2002  The 25th Anniversary of Rupert Library is observed.

Fall 2002 the front porch is provided by a Tri-Champion grant.

July 2003  Betty Crookshanks leaves the board and is replaced by Julie Coughlin.

Feb 2004 Karen Hiser, WVLC, notifies us that all board members must be residents of the jurisdiction of the appointing authority.

June 20, 2004 Cherie Davis resigns as librarian after 8.5 years service to become director of Ronceverte Public Library.  She is replaced by Valerie Garrett-Miller on June 21, 2004.

November 30, 2004 Valerie Garrett-Miller resigns as librarian after 5 months and is replaced by Carol McClung on January 13, 2005.

July 2005 Bruce Brenneman, first non-resident of Rupert whose term expires after the new jurisdiction residential rule leaves the board and is replaced by Glenda Killen.

2013  The heirs of the Shafer Hardware building in Rupert deeded the building to the Town of Rupert stipulating it be used as the public library for Rupert.  The Shafer family opened the Hardware store in 1949 and the store was a thriving part of Rupert for many years.  Mina Shafer, widow of son Bill Shafer, was eager to see the building become a vital part of the community once again.  Her generous gift has stirred the hearts of many Rupert citizens living in the Rupert area presently and Rupert citizens living throughout the USA.  The community has a new library they are proud of. 

October 1, 2013, the new Rupert Public Library opened its doors for business.

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